Hello, my name is Ondra Cvikl and I am a Czech professional K1 white water paddler. This winter I would like to share some of my experience with you in Al Ain. 

During our 2-week camp I will be there for you to help you with your skills and techniques both on and off the course. It does not matter whether you are a K1 or C1, a boy or a girl, anyone is welcome. 

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Hello, I am Ondra Cvikl and I am a Czech kayaker. I was on the junior representation and U23 representation team between years 2009-2015, today I am a part of the broader representation team. This June I finished my bachelor´s degree in Sports and coaching. I have been in the training group of Jiri Prskavec for 8 years and I cannot wait to share some of my experience and skills with you this winter. 

How to apply 

If the training camp sounds interesting to you and you would like to know more about the programme and pricing, the next step is simple.


Please send me an email to ondrej.cvikl@seznam.cz

with your name, age, category, and date you would be interested in.

I will immediately send you more detailed information about the prices and other conditions.

After you know more, you can decide and apply. You can contact me both as a single person or with a group of friends. 

Your emails will be taken as non-binding, do not worry.

Please note that the offered dates can slightly change due to the availability of the flight tickets.

I look forward to paddling with you in Al Ain!

Ondra Cvikl


+420 774 529 444

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